What editing software do you use?


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When I have uploaded gaming videos in the past, I have used AVIdemux, but it´s areally simple software, not really much control...

Later I have started using MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, it has a lot more control and I currently use it to make videos and trailers of my indie game^^


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For such a long time, I could only use Windows Movie Maker. But about a year or so ago, I finally was able to upgrade and now I use Pinnacle Studio 22. I know there's a newer version of it, but I'm pretty content with it!


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I use hitfilm express. Its free and legit. Some features are locked unless you pay, but theres enough to make due.


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Hey guys! So what video editing software do you use?

I know many will be with either Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas, because they are top quality, but I am still curious! :D

I myself used Camtasia Studio, but now I use Filmora/Wondershare Video Editor (it's the same thing)! It looks way too simple and you wouldn't think you can get good videos, but you can! I get amazing quality and great editing thanks to this software!

Anyway, what do you use?
I use Davinci Resolve 16! It's free and has advanced editing tools and it's super easy to use!


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I also use the freeware DaVinci Resolve 16. Nothing to complain about it right now. However I am really new to editing.


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I don't understand those who want to buy expensive programs to create simple non-commercial videos. There are so many good software that work very nice. Check some articles on that, here is for example one that I've recently dicovered movavi.io/games-video-editor-en/. The program I personally use is premiere pro and movavi.
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The best video editing software I would recommend is Premiere pro as it's video editing program used by professionals the world over and has better user-friendly interface compared to others.