Week 3 of RS3 20th Anniversary: Free Clue Scroll & More Obtainable


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Here comes the Week 3 of RS 20th Anniversary, Celebration of Minigames! During this week, you could enjoy double minigame currency, free RS Clue Scroll and more.

Celebration of Minigames with 2x rewards

The Week 3 of RS 20th Anniversary “Celebration of Minigames” is active from January 18th to 24th 2021. During this period, you could enjoy double thaler and double currency for the following minigames:
Barbarian Assault
Brimhaven Agility Arena
Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
Castle Wars
Dominion Tower
Fight Cauldron
Fight Cave
Fight Pit
Fist of Guthix
Flash Powder Factory
Gnome Restaurant
Great Orb Project
Mage Training Arena
Pest Control
Player-owned Ports resources
Shattered Worlds
Shifting Tombs
Soul Wars
Stealing Creation
Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup
Trouble Brewing

Free RS Clue Scroll offered in the event

During this week, you can find Gilly Willikers at the Lumbridge Crater and get a free Clue Scroll per day. The quality will be dependent on your total skill level; he will give a sealed clue scroll (elite) at total level 2,760.

Anniversary Weeks Portal teleports & more

The Anniversary Weeks Portal can teleport you to the minigames and Distractions and Diversions locations where a games necklace can teleport:
Troll Invasion
Barbarian Outpost
Gamer's Grotto
Corporeal Beast
Burgh De Rott
Tears of Guthix
In addition, you can find RS Brassica Prime next to the portal during this week.

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