PC Tryna find me some people to record with


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Game: Any PC Game from Smite, Gta V, G-Mod, Battlefield 1, CS GO, H1Z1... etc
Platform: PC
Number of People: 1-3
Timezone: Central Standard Time
Age: 20
Mission: To find someone or some people to start recording with so I can get back into making videos and having fun do so! Because recording alone sucks now and just need some friends :p since most of my irl friends don't play games -__- so I am on forums tryna find people to play games with like its a dating site :p
Subscribers: 630
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mortalrez
Link to my video about some requirements :p cause typing is hard


Hey not sure if you still looking for people to collab but if so do have a look at my channel and let me know if your interested.

Name: James
Subs: 1K+
Games: I do only have GTA 5 from your list.
Time zone: UTC+01:00 (we may have a bit of a problem with time difference)
Discord: Oran1 #7395

Channel link:
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hey im interested i have other people we can record with but i don't have the required subs so rip but if you are still interested in recording with us let me know


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Hello. I'm trying to do the same. I just got back into recording and I'm looking for new people to game with and have fun. I would love to collab with you it would be cool since we have the same goal I think we can make cool stuff together. Not sure if you are still interested but if you are just message me.



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