The Brohouse Community!

Hello all from the Brohouse crew! We are a small group of up and coming streamers looking for about 5 more fellow streamers to join us with the intent of having fun and making some content! With the group being fresh and new along with most if not all the streamers that be apart of it. We have no real requirements except to follow some rules and we do ask you be at least 18 years or older and we do have a small test/trial to be had before we fully allow you within the Brohouse which will be explained more in detail for those interested in joining. As a group the Brohouse offers a relaxed and chill community that thrives to try and bring both fun times and a place to grow as both an individual streamer and as a group! If you have any questions feel free to either join the Discord or add me on Discord personally, you can find me at TheScottishDwarf#5763 or you may add Pokezeros#6962 if I am unable to get back with you quick enough.

Requirements is as followed:
1. 18 years or older
2 A willingness to help not just further your own channel but also help your fellow Brohouse streamers.
3. A good personality would also be amazing to have.
4. We are primarily a PC streaming group so it would be recommended for you to also be a PC streamer.


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