so you probabblly heard of siren head but did you play games like siren head or siren head no well im playing SIREN HEAD


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I recently played this game. To be honest, I never went through it to the end. Too scary game for someone who is used to playing different strategies. A month ago, I did not even know about the existence of this character, but thanks to this article I found out about him. I really enjoy reading the stories that are being made about him. I have already read more than ten different stories and each one surprised me a lot. It's rare to find such an interesting character. By the way, in one of the stories it was said that he is not the only one and there are creatures like him all over the world. Their bodies are the same, but their heads may be different. It would be cool to play a game where 3-5 such characters will be gathered at once.
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