Popping up to say HI!

So I thought i'd introduce myself.
My name is Parker and I love video games. I love them so much I did a degree in programming them and then ended up programming business systems instead...... Well my love of games didn't die with me and I brought that love to YouTube.
I started it for fun because I enjoyed the game but I also have began enjoying the editing side of it as well. I keep trying to make new content, have a few different games on the channel ongoing at each time so content is fresh (also because i can never decide on one to play).
I'm also always up for a conversation. Feel free to pop up and say hi on YouTube, Discord or the DamnLag site and I'll say hi right back. Otherwise I hope you guys enjoy the content and I see youse there :)
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Did you get a game programming degree or a CS degree? Where did you go to school? If I see anything on my studio twitter account I can pass on the info.


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Hey @ParkerPlays, welcome to the community! Looks like this is an old post, maybe you'll visit us again in the future though ;)


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