Other Need help with grammar check - offering shoutouts in return


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Long story short.
I have channel with short audio stories in kinda ranty swearing style , with gameplay background.
I write scripts for stories. 1 scrips is usually 1 page long.
I need person who will give me grammar check on those.
I offer shoutouts in return, a LOT of shoutouts. Pinned comment, in video description, on FB and twitter.
I'm looking for a long term friend with that so ....
So if you are native english speaker with good english - that is plus.
If you are 17 or older - also plus.
If you have "reddit channel", comentary channel, ranty csgo spiral channel, or meme channel - you can get good percentage of my subs.
I will start from zero. I have 4-5 scripts already written, only 2 are corrected ...
I will have 1 video in every ~10 days so ....
I really want a long term friend.
I think that my ranty audio stories have a really good potential so .... My close friends think that they are just hilarious so ....
Just one more thing: I will be tiny bit limited on personal life stuff so ... Sorry about that.
Thanks for taking time to read this.


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