PC LOOKING TO START A GAMING GROUP!(Sub Count doesn't matter)


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Game:Any type of Pc Game
Platform: PC
Number of People:4 to 6
Timezone: Doesn't really matter
Age:I'm 19 (15+ Please)
Mission:My mission is to find a number of gaming youtubers to collab and have fun with, hopefully become friends with, to make videos with and have alot of fun doing it.
Subscribers:1183 (your subs count doesn't matter)
Link to Channel:https://www.youtube.com/c/TitanREX


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Hey titan. I would be interested in joining in, i have a troll-loud personality tho. Games i play are CSGO/Rust mainly. Would look into other smaller / indie games. HMU with a PM if you'd be interested

-- just realized this was in the 500-1k sub count place. My apologiez good sir. :devil:


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The Sub Count Doesn't Matter, but if you are interested, If you are then send me your skype name. ( Oh and what age are you, the age required is 15+.)


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Hi titan Add my steam if you want Pellzy'sGaming. My channel is also Pellzy'sGaming. Im 17 and i mostly play games like csgo and gmod. i make funny moments videos. im looking to make better vids with some people.


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I would be down for collabs etc i have almost 700 subs and my name everywhere is Foorson - so add me : )