Other Looking for fellow youtube content creator for fortnite / other games PS4/PC

Hi Everyone,

I'm Strahan or to my very small channel community Strayhan Warrior. I'm 27 and from England,

I have recently started a youtube gaming channel and am looking to network and grow my channel. I'm still finding my feet with the video's im putting out but I have plenty of ideas for creating content and am looking for a like-minded content creator to assist me with making new content for my channel and in turn their own. I am looking primarily for a Fortnite Duo's partner but would also like to open my channel up to a mixture of different games to keep it fresh. I play on PS4 mostly but I also have a gaming PC so will be able to play on this platform too if this is what you play on. You don't need to be a 'Pro player' but if you could be of a reasonable standard it would be helpful when making videos! I like to base my videos around fun plays and ideas rather than just going for high kill wins, so a creative / patient person would be greatly received :) in a world of stretched res TTV sweats, I'm trying my best to keep the game fun and interesting, so if this sounds like your thing, please get in touch and hopefully we can strike up a partnership! Thanks for your time! Peace.
me and my friend run a gaming channel as well, and even though we have no gameplay up yet I'd be willing to try and work something out with you. message me back and we can hash out more details.


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