PC Looking for a PC Gaming group to make funny videos with!

Shogun Arcade

New Member
Hey guys! So i'm in the process of finding cool people to have fun with and also to make funny videos out of those funny moments! Mainly looking for 17+ year olds who find joy in joking with friends, if that makes any sense to ya lol... But anyways the fastest way to contact me is through Discord! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to have a Discord :D
Discord name: Shogun Arcade YT#3877

Kevin Foreman

Active Member
Hey Dude Ive Taken A Look At Your Channel And It Seems That We Have Some Similarities, but i'd love to collab someday and If You Want You Can Add Me On Discord Its KevinZGeneric #1493
Hi, how are you? Me and my friend have two YouTube channels. We have a sports channel and recently started a gaming channel. We would definitely be willing to work with you, We mainly do gaming news but just recently played some computer games and are looking to get into some console games as well, also looking to get a capture card sometime in the future. At this point I'm not sure what we could do but I'm sure we could work something out. Just contact me on her or email me at: commonsensegaming@yahoo.com.


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