PC Looking For A Fun Group To Collab with!


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Game: GTA V, G-MOD, Dead By Daylight, H1Z1, and more!
Platform: PC
Number of People: 4-5
Timezone: Central- Time
Age: 24
Mission: My goal is to make really funny content. I want to become the best. I have high expectations but hey, who doesn't
Subscribers: 639
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKUD3DNqXdYTaEg2AkwtaQQ
P.S If interested make sure you have your YouTube link in the response and I'll go check your channel out


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I mean I am one person but I would be down to do videos with you! I mean we can see how we work out by playing some G-Mod! Here is a link to my channel I would suggest checking out my G-Mod videos or H1Z1 anything that is multiplayer hahha. Hope to work with ya! I am also 19 years old if that matters to ya. I am also trying to start making more videos with people which is why I haven't uploaded in a month :p
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