Twitch If you love zombies, dad jokes and jump scares, then pop in and join in on the fun!


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I'm a small streamer who plays a variety of games but lately I've been hooked on Horror Games!
I've spent all my nights on Resident Evil 7 & Dying Light lately so if you're a horror junkie like I am, I'd like to hang out with you some time!

I'm somehow always hyperactive & have too much energy for my own good, so I'd like to share some of this positive energy with more of you!
If you think you can handle my corny dad jokes, jump scare triggers and my 110% energy level, then pop in!

We'll be on with some Resident Evil 7 DLC's tomorrow night at 7.00pm AEST (UTC/GMT +10 hours).

Here's my twitch if you'd like to come along for the ride!

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