How do you maintain a good schedule ?


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With schedule on youtube, i tend to set myself reasonable targets with how frequently i upload. you need to keep a solid schedule that you can follow without finding things too difficult, like saying your going to upload 4 times a day is too much but 1 time every two days is manageable!


What works best for me when organizing my schedule is dedicating one day or half a day during the week end to making 2 or 3 videos which will last me for a week.
Whenever I get a bit of free time during the week, I just write down some ideas for videos, that way when I set out to record them I already pretty much know what I'm gonna do, how I'm gonna do it, etc.


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I have a different Rota every week at work so planning ahead is impossible for me so I have a YouTube upload rota I made myself and I upload on my 2 days off I get each week and because I am organised I usually have enough videos up for 2 or 3 week ahead.


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I used to really carer about scheduling but as I've changed how i do videos Ive started to not care as much.. i guess when you post regular content it matters more as you need to keep videos coming, but I think many people use the youtube sidebar to see when channels have new videos.. it means you don't have to be 100% faithful to your upload schedual
The best way to maintain a schedule is to find out when you have free time. I know that sounds stupid, but really. A lot of people's "free time" isn't actually free time. For me, I get no interruptions between 2PM and 3:30 PM, so that's when I record, and it's when I have no other responsibilities.


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