Discord moderator application


Discord Username (include #number):
- Flokiieh#9246

How old are you?:
- 16

What country and timezone are you in?:
- Slovenia GMT +1

Which position are you applying for?:
- Helper (moderator?)

Why do you want to be a Damnlag Discord Moderator?:
- I am very active on discord channels including some of my own. I didn't notice until now that damnlag has a discord channel (don't blame me) and I just feel happy when I help someone. If I can, why wouldn't I? :)

What prior moderator/administration experience do you have, if any?:
- I have been leading administration teams for the past few years because I have earned myself a pretty good reputation in some places and others relay on me because I never let them down unless I have a damn good reason. Excluding my age, some say I act too mature for a 16 year old, and I've heard the same stuff 2,3 years ago. Keeping the peace and the fun was always my goal and that way I've established quite a few healthy environments, even in younger communities.

Are you familiar with all discord server rules and channel rules?:
- Yes, I am. I went over them a few times just to be sure.

Anything else you'd like to share?:
- Nothing other than thanks for reading!


Staff member
Damn Admin
Hi @Florjan, thanks for your application. I'd be up for adding you onto the team because of your membership time spent on the website, but you were last active on August 10th, the day you posted this application. It is now August 21st. What happened?


Well I lost the motivation, was checking up for any responses for 10 days then I gave up and I got busy as ... in real life so unfortunately I'd rather let someone else that position, I believe he will do a lot better than me whoever will that even be.
Thanks anyway!


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