Discord Moderator Application

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Discord Username (include #number):

How old are you?:

What country and timezone are you in?:
UK england BST

Which position are you applying for?:
Discord Moderator

Why do you want to be a Damnlag Discord Moderator?:
Because I think you only have 1 moderator from the UK and i would like to help grow that number so that when we get busyier there be always someone on and i like been helpful.

What prior moderator/administration experience do you have, if any?:
Run my own discord server i have ran forums and website's in the past and current. As admin and modrator.

Are you familiar with all discord server rules and channel rules?:
Yes I read them every day to remind my self about them.

Anything else you'd like to share?:
If you have any questions about my app or me feel free to contact me. If you also like to know more about my prior modrator /admin experience again feel free to contact me.


Staff member
Damn Admin
Hi @Arcticwolf,

Thank you for your interest in the discord position for moderator. We're still trying to get everything figured out with how we want to operate this new Helper role for becoming a Moderator on the discord server. With that being said, the staff and I have discussed a few things about what would qualify for members being eligible to become a Helper in the community. We've all agreed that a member who applies for this position will need to not only be active on both the discord and forum, but have been a member on the forum for at least 3 months to be eligible for the position.

Its difficult to see how long a member has been a member of the discord server, so that is why we are going by the forum registration times.

This will allow us to make sure that we're not accepting people who've just joined the community for this type of role.

Hopefully you understand and apply again when you've got at least 3 months as a member here.
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