Daily Upload Thread for Tuesday, October 4th 2016

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Ogie Ogilthorpe

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What is the Daily Upload? For those of you new to the Daily Upload, it's a thread that I create on a daily basis for members to share news, videos, and discuss anything related to YouTube or Games that happen on this date ONLY. Its simply another way for people to share videos, possibly get a discussion created on it and come up with ideas or suggestions for new videos they can make.

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To celebrate the fall and month of October leading up to Halloween, i will be dropping 2 horror videos a week as part of Terror Tuesday and Fright Night Friday and will drop a video the Monday of Halloween. If these do really well i will continue to make more horror videos for these days as a longer running series. So Show some love and give me some feedback guys! ;)

Ramsay Dash! This game was suggested to me, gave it a try and it's really quite fun!



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I don't even know, man

Time to tackle some mountain-dwelling fakemon!

Our heroes journey into The Gate Of Ambition seeking a challenge!
Will they find what you seek, or will their ambitions fall?!
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