PC CSGO/Gmod Funtages collab


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I'm the type of a guy that likes fun and some... other... stuff...
Playing with people that don't take the games serious and know what sense of humour is, is my favourite. That means we can act like reta... stupid people and do stuff that are funny for us and the people that will watch us. Swearing is a part of my humour if you can't take one or two f*** and s*** here and there, we are probably not made for each other.
What I'm looking forward to?
Making CSGO Funtages
CSGO Strat roulette
Gmod - Deathrun, prop hunt, hide and sneak and others. Basically, everything that we can play with 4-6 players.
I'm 16 (Do not get baited by the age), my youtube channel is based on heavily edited funtages that take around 5 hours to make.
Currently I have 190 -/+ subscribers
I prefer people that know how to edit s*** and are somehow decent at it. But if you don't touch the videos at all and you are an extremely hot female model, we can work this out. I mean if you are an extremely funny guy (or a female, you never know...)....
16+ is preferred (By preferred I mean 16+ only)
Currently live in EU Bulgaria, good internet connection.
I am NOT making an collab group or any sort of a group. We are just gonna be collab partners and maybe develop a friendship if we like each other.
Contact me on steam /id/Worius/


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Hi i am looking for people to collab with add my steam ID Pellzy'sGaming. my channel is also Pellzy'sGaming. I currently have 5 subscribers i just started my channel about a month ago. I am 17. I will play any sort of game like gmod, CSGO, other. I Make vids like funny moments. Add my steam if you want to collab partner.