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Posted this in the 500 - 1000 collaboration section [*moved by mod], but no one replied. I know we only have 700+ subscribers, but we're dedicated and hard working and are keen to find some people to make some videos with. We are reliable and professional when we need to be but always up for a laugh when we get down to it.

Game: Arcade games mostly
Platform: PS4
Number of People: 1+
Timezone: GMT
Age: 18+
Mission: building a community and having fun
Subscribers: 700+
Link to Channel:

We're a group of gamers from Plymouth, Devon looking to expand our community. We are all about having a laugh and getting to know people. Frankie (who runs the channel) is looking to make some connections with other gamers and channels and build our network. We need someone who has Google Drive and knows how to use it to get the best quality collaboration we can!

Please get in touch! Let's play some games!
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You guys seem pretty chill, I'd like to collaborate with you!
I have a channel with over 15,000 subscribers, but I'm new to these forums so I can't post a link, but if you just search Revile2nr on youtube you can find my channel if you'd like to check me out:)


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probably should have mentioned, best way to contact me is at my email address which I also cant post on this forum yet, but you can find in the "about" section of my YT channel :)


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