PC 9k Subs Collaborating/Re-branding Channel


(I re-posted this here as I'm looking for people in this subscriber range)

Just to start off a few months ago our channel moved away from Minecraft which was its primary focus. Now we play/record a wide range of PC games and we're looking to build up our community with as many collaborations as possible. We're mainly looking for recording on PC doing any games from Gmod to web browser games.

-No specific sub count (but we would like someone with a good community, small or big).
-Good microphone
-Mature voice (basically no squeakers, sorry)
-Entertaining (Either funny, interesting etc.)

You can reach me through youtube (Channel; Aranoix) or preferably on my fan skype: nicholas.marriott1

We're looking to record mainly on weekends but practically on any day that suits. Please ask any questions below, I'll make sure to answer.

Note: Our channel is a team of a few members but Nick (myself) is the main content provider and the one you'll most likely collaborate with.

Thanks!! :D

Game: Anything on Pc (from Gmod to web browsers to Battlefront etc.)
Platform: Pc
Number of People: Any
Fan Skype: nicholas.marriott1
Timezone: UTC+12:00 (New Zealand) or UTC-08:00 (Pacific Time Zone)
Age: 17
Mission: Grow Community
Subscribers: 9k+
Link to Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AranoixGaming


hey i would love to collab with you. i have almost 700 subs which isnt much. but one of my videos actually got 70,000 views :) but yeah just let me know if you wanna collab


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