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  1. Indie King

    Bastion: Review of a beautiful indie gem (HD)

    Review of Indie game called Bastion. A beautiful gem. Enjoy:)
  2. Indie King

    The Fall Part 2 Unbound REVIEW (HD)

    When robots take over the world.
  3. Indie King

    SUPERFLIGHT Review: A relaxing gem of an indie game

    Hope you all enjoy the video and this quality game deserves more attention.
  4. Indie King

    Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Review in High Definition

    Hope all you fellow gamers enjoy this well made review of a magnificent game with excellent soundtrack.
  5. Indie King

    RIP TotalBiscuit

    I am saddened to see a man of great honesty, gaming passion, and courage taken away from us so soon.
  6. Indie King

    Indie King- Focusing mostly on indie games and doing their reviews

    Title of Thread: Indie King Channel Name: Indie King Channel Link: Channel Start Date: January 24, 2018 Partnered with Network?: No Amount of Videos on Channel: 23 and more to come Total Subscribers: 16 Amount of Total Views...
  7. Indie King

    TotalBiscuit is retiring

    From the original post on his subreddit : Conventional treatments ineffective, liver too damage for clinical trials that we know of. I'm retiring as a critic to spend whats left of my life sharing my love of gaming with my wife and all of you via co-op videos and streams. The podcast will...
  8. Indie King

    Games are my refuge and friends.

    Greetings fellow gamers, Thanks for having me here. By no means am I anti-social or introvert, I just mean that PC games are my refuge from the stress of daily life and they never fail to make me happy and content. I have "friends" in real life but friendships these days friendships are...