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    This is a little segment I call Story Time and today I want to tell you my worst job interview ever, I know it's hard to believe it but dead beat daddy Jeff wasn't always perfect
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    The popeyes chicken sandwich is back and I want to try it, is the classic better or spicy???? If you tried both leave which one is better in the comment section below Follow me on: Instagram: Twitter:
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    Today I will show you how to film a paranormal activity movie and also hopefully this video will debunk the paranormal for you gullible individuals.....Remember to SUBSCRIBE!!!!!
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    Paranormal Moments Caught on Tape [REVIEWED BY SKEPTIC]

    Happy Halloween!!! Today as an skeptic I will give you an skeptic review on the Top 10 paranormal moments caught on Camera by the youtube channel MindseedTv.( I own non of the video, it belongs to Mindseedtv) Video Link: MindSeedTv channel...
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    Here are some tips from Ex-Convict Tony Luco on How to deal with bullies!!!!! (This is a skit and not real tips)
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    Bane Playing Guitar

    As a beginner I will be doing a R&B Guitar Improvisation for you guys hope you guys enjoy the video....
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    Boxing Tributes be like... (PARODY/SKIT)

    Boxing Tributes be like....funny as hell, I hope you guys like this parody skit I decided to make for the boxing tributes of lil kimchi
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    Today I was brought onto My Strange Addiction because im addicted to sucking toes, here is what happened........Please like,comment,share and subscribe to this channel so others like me can get help with sucktoelaphilia....
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    One Piece Fans are the Worst (Comedy Skit)

    One Piece Fans Are The Worst !!!!! As a One Piece fan this is obviously a stereotype but there are a few of us bad eggs and when I say a few I mean a lot....and this is just a short comedy skit about them. I hope you guys enjoy the skit and remember to like,comment and subscribe to the channel...
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    Asian Hairstyle Stereotypes

    BACK WITH ANOTHER VIDEO!!! Today we are checking out asian hairstyle stereotypes, as a guy with less hair then most I have included myself as well, if your a non just got educated a little more :)
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    You'vs Been Cooking Steak Wrong

    If you came for the title "You've been cooking steak wrong" then you just got clickbaited, but instead what this video is going to teach is, how to make a cheap steak turn into a medium to high end restaurant type of steak via flavors.So I hope you enjoy this journey of me venturing out and...
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    First Time Improvising on Guitar

    This is my first time improvising on guitar,I have been practicing and learning the guitar for a month now and i just wanted to see how much i have improved and hopefully share this moment with you guys :)
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    Basic B!tches During Halloween Season

    This is my first time on damnlag and also my first time making youtube videos, I make comedy videos specifically.This video is about your average girls during the month of october and boy are they all going to act and look the same,if you subscribe to my channel I will be posting a video every...
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    YOOOO!!!! JeffreyFromBrooklyn Here!!!

    What is up people im new to damnlag and im also a new youtuber on youtube, i make comedy videos. If you would like to check out my channel the name is JeffreyFromBrooklyn, and If you so happen to subscribe I do put up a video every week guaranteed.I will be posting the videos on damnlag as well...