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    Gambit of the North Star | A Destiny 2 Montage

    Our First video! After talking about starting YouTube for awhile we finally did it and we enter the world of YouTube with a snazzy Destiny 2 montage/edit. With the newest Season starting, "The Season of the Drifter" it showcases and adds to our favorite game mode, Gambit. We worked real hard on...
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    New to DamnLag! Hoping to kick off my YouTube gaming career!

    Welcome, hope people can help you with that goal!
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    Ways to Promote Your Channel

    as a new YouTube channel, we found this very helpful thank you!
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    Welcome to my prank calling channel

    Welcome, hoping you can grow while you're here!
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    Our first video got Feature on Bungie

    Today we woke up and saw that Bungie feature our video on the "Creations" section of the Destiny 2 website. super awesome to see our first video doing really well. it's shocking to us because we started our channel monday!
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    Black Ops 4 Paladin Montage

    Cool vid! keep it up
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    A group of creatives

    Hey Everyone, we are the SugarBoyDrifters we're a group of gamers but we do more videos like edits/montages rather than let's plays or similar, we personally feel like YouTube is oversaturated with that kind of gaming content so we wanted to lean to something a little bit more creative! we just...