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  1. Domination Gamer

    If I Produced for Takeoff...

    Instrumental on my channel! Thanks for listening, feedback is appreciated!
  2. Domination Gamer

    Danger - FORTNITE MONTAGE #2 | Fortnite Battle Royale | Edit by Domination

    Hey everyone! Just uploaded my second fortnite montage and I hope you guys enjoy it!
  3. Domination Gamer

    Heavy - FORTNITE MONTAGE #1 | Fortnite Battle Royal | Edit by Domination

    Hey everyone, here is a fortnite montage I put together. I hope you all enjoy it :D!
  4. Domination Gamer

    FIFA16: Bicycle Kick with Slim Angle

    Thanks for watching!
  5. Domination Gamer

    FIFA 16: Amazing Long Shot

    Hello everyone, This is my first video on my new channel and I would appreciate some feedback. I will be doing videos ranging from console games to PC games.Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy!