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  1. Indie King

    Bastion: Review of a beautiful indie gem (HD)

    Review of Indie game called Bastion. A beautiful gem. Enjoy:)
  2. Indie King

    Daily Upload Thread for Wednesday, August 22nd 2018

    Review of Indie game called Bastion. A beautiful gem.
  3. Indie King

    These youtubers will give you ton of entertainment!

    Great video. I have come across quite a few youtubers who give up and stop producing quality content after a while. Hope that does not happen with these youtubers.
  4. Indie King

    The Evil Within Facts

    I want to watch this video but am afraid that it will have spoilers for the game. I have not bought and played the game yet. I really want too first.
  5. Indie King

    What are some popular HTML5 web games?

    I am assuming by HTML web games you mean free-to-play games on the internet that have a large following- Is this game your cup of tea?
  6. Indie King

    Daily Upload Thread for Wednesday, August 1st 2018

    Review of indie game Curve Fever Pro by subscriber request
  7. Indie King

    The Fall Part 2 Unbound REVIEW (HD)

    When robots take over the world.
  8. Indie King

    SUPERFLIGHT Review: A relaxing gem of an indie game

    Hope you all enjoy the video and this quality game deserves more attention.
  9. Indie King


    You can lock up your pets in another room while you game and stream.
  10. Indie King

    Any good Indie Sources for up and coming indies releases?

    Please check out my channel. I only review quality indie games and avoid triple A titles like the plague.
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    Whats the best music to use on youtube?

    The one that gives you positive feelings and emotions.
  12. Indie King

    Daily Upload Thread for Friday, July 13th 2018

    A review of a game that can make you cry.
  13. Indie King

    Blizzard working on Diablo game??? Should They Be??

    Blizzard is a money making company. Offcourse they will make a game from an established franchise with an established fanbase to make more profit.
  14. Indie King

    Crash or spyro

    Spyro Imagine a new game where Spyro grows up to be a full fledged dragon and you can fly in an open world setting.
  15. Indie King

    What was your very first videogame?

    Super Mario back in the 90s.
  16. Indie King

    Do Movie Trailers Give Too Much Away?

    Offcourse they do. I get the feeling that the trailer editors working at Hollywood are a bunch of kids. For example- The trailer for the new Power Rangers movie gave away the boss fight, the zords, the superpowers, the main boss himself. Nothing was kept a secret or for a surprise. Same...