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  1. KelechiTM

    Other Looking For Someone To Collab With Making A Logo

    HI my name is Kelechi Nwokenkwo and i really need help with someone or maybe even you to create the logo that i am picturing in my head you will get credit and paid for doing so my mail is mknwoke Timezone:Central TimeZone Age:15 Mission:Design a Logo For My Merch Subscribers:761 Link to...
  2. KelechiTM

    Looking For Someone To Partner in Helping Me Design My Merch

    Hi my name is Kelechi Nwokenkwo i'm 15 years old. I have a yt channel that's doing fairly well with 1000 views on all my video. I don't think I have a problem with people finding the merchandise, it's just that I want the design and an opinion from a partner. Oh yeah we can figure out the...