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  1. ProRetreater

    PlayerUnknown Highlights #2

  2. ProRetreater

    PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds worth it?

    You just can't go wrong with this game!! it is truly amazing!! new ERA of multiplayer shooters
  3. ProRetreater

    Why do you do YouTube?

    I do it because i enjoy creating memories and i love to look back as i get older at all my gaming moments and achievements that i actually worked hard to get/do
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    PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds worth it?

    It is worth every cent!! The future of online gaming is here!! This will surpass any COD or BF game, In saying that it's obviously personal choice :)
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    PC Looking to Work with others on PUBG Videos if anyone is interested

    Game:PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Platform:PC Number of People:2-5 Timezone:Sydney Australia Pm time 6pm Age:28 Mission:- Subscribers:550 Link to Channel:
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    Playerunknown 4x scope 200m my longest shot with 3 kills!

    Thanks! Probably 3 minutes we where getting shot from that tower i seen one guy in the window, than the jeep pulled up and the rest is history lol
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    Hello people from everywhere!!

    Professional i wish lol No just a casual skater it is how do you say.. Serenity for me :)
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    Highest Killing Round!! - Battlegrounds

    Nice kills there mate nice video!
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    PlayerUnknown players

    Hello everyone I'm new to DamnLag so heyy :) I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in making videos with me playing PUBG or just simply playing the game and while we're at it any game for that matter just message me :D:D:D
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    Hey guys, I'm Roger. I play xbox, ps4 and wii u. Come say hello!

    Hey roger whats up welcome!!
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    New Here

    Hi guys! I'm also new here Welcome and all the best :):)
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    Hello everyone I'm ProRetreater :)

    Hello everyone I'm ProRetreater :)
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    Hello people from everywhere!!

    Hi guys I'm ProRetreater AKA Cody, 28 year old gamer/skateboarder from Brisbane Australia I make YouTube videos for gaming and skating my two greatest passions I'm new to this community and can't wait to meet new friends and people thanks!! :happy::happy::happy: