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  1. Lukeydoo

    Xbox One GTA V and other games!

    Game: GTA V mostly, But also other random games here and there! Platform: Xbox One Number of People: Just the one we have a group of 3 already! Timezone: GMT +00 Age: 16-20 Mission: Produce a funny, enjoyable weekly series on GTA V Subscribers: Lukeydoo - 800+, ThePeoplesGamer - 5500+, OgoidHD...
  2. Lukeydoo

    "THE SWARM" - ARK: Survival Evolved Coop #1

    "Welcome to ARK: Survival evolved! The game in which you Hunt, Tame and get killed by Huge dinosaurs! In this Series Myself, Ogoid and ThePeoplesGamer will rise to the top of the food chain by Slaying Spinosaurus', Taming Triceratops, Battling Brontosaurus' and Punching Protocoptodons!"
  3. Lukeydoo

    1K by the end of the year!

    So, Currently I'm at a fairly ok size of 773 subs... and My goal is to finally reach the long awaited 1k by 2017! If anyone would be willing to check out my channel and maybe subscribe if they like my content I'd be over the moon but that is my goal, you guys reckon it's possible?
  4. Lukeydoo

    Xbox One Anyone want to just play games together and record?

    Game: Any Platform: Xbox One Primarily, I guess PC and Xbox 360 too sometimes Number of People: any Timezone: GMT (UK) Age: I'm 18 going on 19, But age really doesn't bother me! Mission: To have fun, Produce good content for anyone to enjoy! So I really would like people that can have a laugh...
  5. Lukeydoo

    VGC Season 2! Check out today's scores now!

    VGC is an awesome series hosted by myself, DesireHD and CKtv! In VGC we battle it out in a set of 12 different challenges, each being unique and fun to watch! Each episode points are awarded depending on our performances and so whoever has the least points at the end of the season will have to...
  6. Lukeydoo

    Made it into the 600 Club!

    After 3 months we finally made it past 600 MVP's of YouTube on my channel! Which is extraordinary! I'm so thankful and grateful to all of the guys that have given me support and feedback, It's just remarkable to think that I'm some random dude that records videos whilst talking to himself and...
  7. Lukeydoo

    Indie Spotlight! #15 "Rock painting Story"

    Great game! I highly recommend people check it out!
  8. Lukeydoo

    VGC Season 2! Who will you support?

    VGC SEASON 2 - Who will you support! Hey guys, Lukeydoo here and thanks for viewing so... VGC is an awesome series that I host with some other awesome YouTubers and I really would love to see people back this season as it has just been launched! so we have three awesome perspectives to show you...
  9. Lukeydoo

    Halo 3 ODST Remastered! #1

  10. Lukeydoo

    Everyone needs to join in!

    Guys, as a community we need to band together and make this campaign a thing! started by the man @Belcoot himself!
  11. Lukeydoo

    Do you change when your on YouTube?

    Hey guys! So I've recently noticed something fairly odd, when I make YouTube videos it seems like i take on this alternate persona; a internet personality if you will, In which I'm confident, energetic, Lively and extremely talkative! which is very odd considering that outside of YouTube I'm...
  12. Lukeydoo

    Don't starve together!

  13. Lukeydoo

    Lukeydoo - I'd Love some feedback!

    Title of Thread: Lukeydoo I would love some feedback that may help me to grow my channel and help keep viewers interested in my content! any opinions are appreciated even if you hate every choice i make on my channel ;) Channel Name: Lukeydoo Channel Link: Channel Start...
  14. Lukeydoo

    MLG Poland!

    Yeah I play as MLG Poland!
  15. Lukeydoo

    This is why I shouldn't lose VGC!

  16. Lukeydoo

    Probably the most amazing sniper shot I've ever made!

    In this video I pull of some amazing kills!
  17. Lukeydoo

    Final Challenge of VGC Season 1

    The very last game-play episode of VGC is upon us! Watch it to find out who will be wearing the Dress!?