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  1. KinkoKlix

    Hilarious times in Ben and Ed Coop!

    Hey Everyone! Join me and Maggitesh in Ben and Ed Blood Party! I cannot stop laughing!
  2. KinkoKlix

    Funny bits in the Sims 4!

    Hey Everyone! Join me in the Sims 4 - Throwing a house party when an unwelcome guest arrives!
  3. KinkoKlix

    Creepy yet fascinating! - Perception

    Hey Everyone! Join me Perception a new horror game! We step into the shoes of Cassie a blind lady searching for answers in a ghost filled mansion!
  4. KinkoKlix


    Join me in Kindergarten! I get the life beaten out of me! Literally!
  5. KinkoKlix

    Bendy and the Ink Machine :)

    Join me in Bendy and the Ink Machine - A game where Disney does horror!
  6. KinkoKlix

    Kinko Klix

    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name: Kinko Klix Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 20/02/2016 Partnered with Network?: Nope Amount of Videos on Channel: 309 Total Subscribers: 1,500 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 51,500 Channel Description: A girl with...
  7. KinkoKlix

    PC Lets player 1.5k subs - looking to collab! :)

    Game: Golf with friends, player unknowns battleground, portal 2 (I'm up for lots of games tbh! xD) Platform: PC Number of People: 1 - 2 Timezone: anytime on a Saturday GMT Age: 26 Mission: to meet and collab with some awesome people! :D Subscribers: 1500 Link to Channel...
  8. KinkoKlix

    Hilarious fails in Little Nightmares!

    Join me for a hilarious bunch of fails and rage fun time! In Little Nightmares a creepy but cute platform/Puzzle game!
  9. KinkoKlix

    Resident Evil 7 - Blowing up the Blobs!

    Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is a fantastic change to the previous games. I absolutely love horror games, this has amazing atmosphere and is a truly terrifying horror experience! We're playing as Mia trying to save Ethan, whilst given some new fancy toys to play with!
  10. KinkoKlix

    Resident Evil 7 - This Game is spooktastic!

    Hey Everyone! Resident Evil 7 is finally here and its spooktastic! I absolutely love horror games, this has amazing atmosphere and so far is a truly terrifying horror experience! I can't wait to continue this series!
  11. KinkoKlix

    Silly clips from Portal 2!

    Hey Everyone! Join me & GammaFox for a wonderful time in Portal 2! Me being very new to game made for quite the hilarious time!
  12. KinkoKlix

    Funny moments throughout December

    Hey Everyone! A little compilation of some great & hilarious times over the last couple of months! With some great friends and some excellent games!
  13. KinkoKlix

    The Forest | Suicidal Bunny!

    Hey Everyone! Join me and Maggitesh in The Forest. We go on a hilarious journey to try and find a katana, instead we fall down a giant hole, face crocodiles and witness a suicidal bunny!
  14. KinkoKlix

    Grand opening of Klix Park! - Planet Coaster

    Hey Everyone! Come along to the Grand opening of Klix Park! I have been waiting for the full release of Planet Coaster, this is gunna be one hell of a ride! heh.. get it? Anyway... Here's Part 1! :D
  15. KinkoKlix

    VR local Coop "Diner Duo!" CRAZY FUN!

    Hey Everyone! Join me & Golden Pie in VR Diner Duo! A really cool new VR game which is local coop! One of you controls the waiter on the PC as the other preps burgers in the headset! This game is loads of fun!
  16. KinkoKlix

    VR horror experience - Ghost Town Mine Ride (HTC Vive)

    Hey Everyone! Join me in this horror VR experience; Ghost Town Mine Ride, a new horror vive game, which scared me to death! Seriously the most terrified ive ever been playing a game!
  17. KinkoKlix

    Hide & Shriek! - Jump Scare your Friends to Death! :D

    Hey Everyone! Join me and Maggitesh in Hide & Shriek! A new super fun & spoopy multiplayer game where you can jump scare your friends to death! yay!
  18. KinkoKlix

    Fun with Cannibals & Shark Heads in The Forest!

    Hey Everyone! Join me and Maggitesh in The Forest! We put our survival skills to the test as we fight off cannibals, make shelter and just live for another day! ...Okay so we just dick around in caves and have shark head fights :3
  19. KinkoKlix

    Accounting VR - Hilarious new game on the HTC vive!

    Hey Everyone! Join me in Virtual Reality doing some accounting! Yes, that's right accounting! Or so i thought... Accounting - Absolutely hilarious game!
  20. KinkoKlix

    Hello Neighbour - A.I. tracks your movements to Kill you!

    Hey everyone! Join me in Hello Neighbour! A vibrant colourful game with a delightful neighbour out to kill me! This game is in early alpha and the amazing part about it, is that it uses its AI to track your characters movements to find the best way to kill you!