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    SLIPPERY CLIMB | Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    Crash was a favourite childhood game of ours! It's so exciting to seen it return. We discuss other games we enjoyed growing up and prospects of future remasters. Comment on the video your favourite childhood games, what would you like to see remastered?! Have a great day, -STAntics
  2. STAntics Arcade

    Building A Community and Having Fun

    Posted this in the 500 - 1000 collaboration section [*moved by mod], but no one replied. I know we only have 700+ subscribers, but we're dedicated and hard working and are keen to find some people to make some videos with. We are reliable and professional when we need to be but always up for a...
  3. STAntics Arcade

    700 Subs!

    We set ourselves a goal for 700 subs by the end of September and we've done! Thanks to anyone thats supported us :) we take what we do pretty seriously, and are actually hoping, after 4 years of doing it, our channel goes somewhere! Thanks again, see you all soon. STAntics
  4. STAntics Arcade

    EGX 2017!

    EGX 2017 is just around the corner, so we made a video discussing the convention and what we're excited about this year while playing one of our favourite games from 2016, Little Nightmares! Who's gonna be there?
  5. STAntics Arcade

    PS4 PS4 Gamers - Building A Community

    Game: Arcade games mostly Platform: PS4 Number of People: 1+ Timezone: GMT Age: 18+ Mission: building a community Subscribers: 500+ Link to Channel: We're a group of gamers from Plymouth, Devon looking to expand our community. We are all about having a laugh...
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    Who's got Instagram?!

    Hey all! We're really keen to build our Instagram community. We post mostly about gaming, but often about the stupid antics we get up to, too. It'll be nice to follow some other like minded people that aren't just "meme" accounts and spammers. So, let us know your Instagram handles and we'll...
  7. STAntics Arcade

    Trailer Trash - Episode 3! #STAnticsExclusive

    Hey Damnlag world, we're currently promoting our latest series, Trailer Trash! Where Matt and Josh sit and "critique" some of the game trailers found on the PSN store! If you have a chance, do stop by and let us know what you think! Have a great day!
  8. STAntics Arcade

    Road to 1000!

    We took a break for the first few months of the year, and our channel has consistently hovered around 600 subs. We're back to it now, and really hoping to reach our goal of 1,000 by 2017! We work really hard on what we do, but often fall short of the self promotion, so its gonna be tricky, but...
  9. STAntics Arcade

    500 Subscribers!

    Hey all! Just wanted to share with you all, we've just hit 500 subscribers! May not be the biggest in the grand scheme of things, but we're so proud! Thanks to all of you that have supported us! We'll have a 500 Subscriber special soon!
  10. STAntics Arcade

    PS4 Best of 5 Rocket League Match!

    Game: Rocket League Platform: PS4 Number of People: 2-4 Timezone: GMT Age: 18+ Mission: Best of 5 Games! Subscribers: 472 Link to Channel: Each do a video, Skype each other in-between games! Mix it up, normal, rumble, hoops etc. friendly competition...
  11. STAntics Arcade

    EGX 2016 - Saturday!

    Hey all, we made a video at this years EGX. If you wanna see what the expo is like and have a look at what we got up to, give it a wish :)
  12. STAntics Arcade

    Rocket League Rumble FAIL!

    Dan and Matt fail at some the new Rocket League Rumble mode, its tragic!
  13. STAntics Arcade

    EGX 2016 - Snapchat Story Vlog!

    Hey all! So we went to EGX on the weekend, and we had a snap-venture documenting our journey and time there! There some swearing in this video, just be warned.
  14. STAntics Arcade

    EGX 2016 Special - Game Talk! Mirror's Edge

    So we're going to be at EGX on Saturday and Sunday. So Frankie and Mike recap last year and discuss what to expect this year! Let us know if you're going this weekend!
  15. STAntics Arcade

    Tricky Towers!

    Josh and Mike play some tetr-... I mean Tricky Towers!
  16. STAntics Arcade


    So we've just hit over 100,000 views on our channel! We're so happy, can't quite believe it! Thank you to all the people who have been watching, commenting, sharing and subscribing! It honestly means a lot to us and makes all the hard work worth it :) Big loves! :h: - Frankie at STAntics
  17. STAntics Arcade

    EGX 2016! Who's going?

    We're going to EGX again this year after enjoying ourselves so much last year! Is anyone else gonna be there??
  18. STAntics Arcade

    500 Subs and 100,000 views!!

    Hey all! we just hit 450 subs and currently have a 98,000 views! Here's hoping we hit 500 and 100,000 by the end of the month! Wish us luck :)
  19. STAntics Arcade

    300 Subscribers!

    I know its not a lot, but we're so happy that we finally reached our 300 Subscriber goal! Making a 300 sub special video soon :) thanks all for the support!