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    subd:) enjoy the commentary from 2 points of view!
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    fixed ;)
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    N64 Pokemon Stadium

    I choose you! ★Suggest a game for a future video!★ ★Follow me on Twitter:★
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    I play NES, SNES, N64, and PS1 games If you enjoy the videos, please subscribe :) Channel Name: -d00msdayxx- [RETRO GAMING] Channel Link: Channel Start Date: January 1, 2015 Partnered with Network?: no Amount of Videos on Channel: 7 Total...
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    #RetroGaming N64 Pokemon Stadium!

    Suggest future games in comments! If you enjoy the video, please subscribe :)
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    SNES Mortal Kombat !

    Hang out with me while I play Mortal Kombat and fail :D
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    N64 Mario Kart 64 [Glitchy Edition] Leave a comment or subscribe if you like it:D
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    Looking for eye catching thumbnail template !

    my current thumbnail. Opinions? Id like something retro looking but will catch your eye. preferably a pixel font too. thanks in advance for any and all help :D
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    1000 subs by the end of 2015?

    ive been posting on twitter and reddit. and YTG. most of the traffic comes from reddit according to youtube analytics
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    NES Super Mario Bros 3 Leave a comment or subscribe if you enjoy :D
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    What are some cool video editing tips? theres a script for you. disables resampling in the entire project
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    What are some cool video editing tips?

    i have that too :P also a good tip is get to know your pan/crop if you use vegas. and using transparent psd files as overlays
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    Offering Banners!

    League of Legends theme banner i came up with for user "AzericaZ"
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    Batman Returns on SNES :D any critique or feedback would greatly be appreciated :) sub if you enjoy!
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    Show my awards?

    ah ok thanks :)
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    Show my awards?

    I see people with awards under their name on their posts. i want to display mine. how do i do this? mine arent showing up. i dont have many awards yet, but i should have the social media site awards at least
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    New Year. New Channel. OLD games :D

    Games upcoming on my channel :)
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    1000 subs by the end of 2015?

    24/1000 at the time of this post. wish me luck guys :D
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    Ocarina of Time Fishing N64!

    First video on my channel. Any and all feedback is appreciated :D
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    Recently Got To 1000 Subs

    Wow congratulations man :D good job!