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  1. Saiyanman

    Any PC or XBOX Division 2 Players out there?

    I am playing one at the moment. I am stuck at the tunnels with the floods and sniper. :'(
  2. Saiyanman

    Thanks damnlag.

    Hey Damnlag. Thank you for the time that I have been with this community. I can't believe it has almost been a year in here since I am a mod. I like to thank you guys for helping my channel grow. Thanks again.
  3. Saiyanman

    The answers to all the annoying questions threads people create!!

    :D Damnlag most of these questions people post that are nonsense. Why do we even need this topic? People can just joined discord and talk instead of posting it up. Also adding these questions should be removed? What do you do on youtube? How to get subs? Youtube is dying? what games should I...
  4. Saiyanman

    Hey, we are new here

    Hi welcome and may the force be with you.
  5. Saiyanman

    New to DamnLag! Hoping to kick off my YouTube gaming career!

    Hi. welcome, GL and may the force be with you.
  6. Saiyanman

    Good to finally be able to be proud of Call of Duty Again!

    I wish they make more story mode games for call of duty.
  7. Saiyanman


    Yep Elgato series. Try this you love it.
  8. Saiyanman


    watch this video it will help you.
  9. Saiyanman

    New to damnlag

    Hello @MrYorkii welcome to the community. You might see me around sometimes. I am too a call of duty fan. However my laptop won't run it, I have an old Alienware M14x. See you around.
  10. Saiyanman

    How to promote your youtube channel ?

    The promotion is least of your worries. The first thing you need to do is figure out how you gonna tag your videos. List as many tags as you can think of. Also search for how to tag your video in youtube? Watch their video and do the same thing also you can post it and social media websites such...
  11. Saiyanman

    Damnlag Wall Logo Project

    Hey damnlag. How is your project going? Any improvements. Its been a while since I heard about this project.
  12. Saiyanman

    Is Nintendo Switch worth buying?

    The title says it all. Do you think is still over price today?
  13. Saiyanman


    Hey DethByChick. I have heard great things about the game but I have not played it yet. The game is on my steam wishlist. :D
  14. Saiyanman

    Do you guys think Pubg will last once COD BO4 Blackout comes out?

    Yes Pubg is an open world game where players can collaborate and team up with each other. While black ops 4 isn't an open world game its mostly like counterstrike maps or battlefield.
  15. Saiyanman

    What was your very first videogame?

    Mario64 and then counterstrike 1.6
  16. Saiyanman

    Best PC singleplayer game you played?

    Bioshock series Crysis Transformers Mad max Halo Gears of war call of duty series rage Ghostbuster Doom 3 Fear Darksiders Resident evil Half life series GTA series quake 4 Dragonball Xenovse The list goes on.......
  17. Saiyanman


    Well Indie King we haven't had any good single player campaign for call of duty in a while. The last one I can think was Call of duty Modern warfare 3 and after that all other call of duty games went down the drain. Advance warfare wasn't playable cause of the glitches and stuff.
  18. Saiyanman

    Is Overwatch dead for pc platform.

    The titles said it all. I've been trying to find some games in the morning before I go to work. So far I find no games and during the I find a lot of games. What is your respond on overwatch.
  19. Saiyanman

    cleaning a ps4

    what do you mean? more information please.