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  1. patrick

    PC getting back into youtube

    Game:gmod,csgo,rocket league,league of legends,and alot more Platform:pc Number of People:any Timezone:eastern Age:18 Mission:to make friends and have fun Subscribers:435 Link to Channel: if you want to contact me directly just add me on...
  2. patrick

    Twitch livestreaming now!!!

    havent streamed in a while trying to grow back back up on twitch
  3. patrick

    merking people on bo2 straight merking these little lids in black ops
  4. patrick

    livestreaming now!!! streaming rainbow six seige come and watch the stream and chat with me!!!!
  5. patrick

    Xbox One need help

    Game:bo3 Platform:xbox one Number of People:any Timezone:us Age:18 Mission:to find someone help edit videos Subscribers:around 400 Link to Channel: hey guys my name is patrick or patty as my friends call me i know this is a collaboration thread but i was wondering if anybody has experience with...
  6. patrick

    Twitch live right now!! just trying to get a couple more people in here so i can do a giveaway!
  7. patrick

    Twitch doing a giveaway on stream come by and try to win a gaming mouse and keyboard on my stream and maybe follow me on twitch if you enjoy it:)
  8. patrick

    Made my own beat

    Hey guys just wanted to share this beat I just made hopefully you enjoy it! Let me know what you guys think
  9. patrick

    First time smoking weed story

    So I posted a video a little bit ago and would really appreciate it if you would go check it out (:
  10. patrick

    Twitch Gfuel giveaway Hey guys I am doing a giveaway on my stream so come by and try to win!! Hopefully I see you there(:
  11. patrick

    Twitch 24 hour stream for charity

    I am streaming 24 hours to raise money for st.judes research hospital so come out and enjoy the stream at
  12. patrick

    New 2015 setup/roomtour

    hey guys I just uploaded a video of my setup. If you want you could check it out
  13. patrick

    New Eso video

    I would appreciate it if you would watch my newest video and tell me what you think
  14. patrick

    new video up/shoutout and hardline

    hey guys i just posted a new video i would appriciate it if you would check it out
  15. patrick

    Gta funny moments

    hey guys I just posted a new gta funny moments video and I would really appreciate it if you would go check it out!
  16. patrick

    Going on a trip

    Posted a new video last night I would really appreciate it if you guys would check it out and tell me what you think
  17. patrick

    Friend says he's quiting YouTube

    hey guys my friend sneaky diamonds says he wants to quit YouTube but I think he does a good job so if you guys could go show him some support to keep making videos that would be awesome
  18. patrick

    xbox one gamers

    hey guys my name is master patty and i make videos with my good friend firkrotch if you would like to play and record with us just leave a message here or message me on xbox masterxpatty youtube:
  19. patrick

    masterpattys youtube

    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name:master patty Channel Link: Channel Start Date:dec 23 2013 Partnered with Network?:freedom Amount of Videos on Channel:21 Total Subscribers:180 Amount of Total Views on Channel:380 Channel Description:im a 17 year old gamer who is trying to get noticed...