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  1. Logan Dougherty

    Other Any Musicians Want to Collab?

    Mission: Let's create some good music Subscribers: 523 Link to Channel: I'm a pianist/composer but my channel is mainly piano piano compositions. I was wondering if anyone played any instruments that would work well with piano at all and...
  2. Logan Dougherty

    Chopin - Waltz in B Minor

    I'm jumping back into doing videos of classical pieces on piano, as well as covers of other songs and managed to finish this one up yesterday. :)
  3. Logan Dougherty


    So I've just hit 10k views on my channel! It's basically all due to my GoT cover video, but I'd say that it still counts. Haha Which I know that my channel currently says like 2500 views, but since my new video is at 9700 views, that should add up to 10k. Lol
  4. Logan Dougherty

    My Goal for 2016

    Hopefully by the end of 2016, I'll be able to make it to 100 subscribers and get around 10,000 total views. I know I'll have to get a lot of piano cover videos out there, but hopefully by the end of the year I get enough to make it to those goals. :)
  5. Logan Dougherty

    Does this look good?

    So I'm just now starting to do some piano playthroughs of songs and was wondering if I had a good camera angle. I don't have that fancy of equipment but just have a camcorder on a tripod and send the sound to my computer and sync the audio to the video after I've recorded. So I was curious what...
  6. Logan Dougherty

    New person here

    Hey everyone. I just joined this thread, trying to make a music based YouTube channels with some of my own compositions and piano covers or playthroughs of songs. I don't have too many videos up yet as I was unfortunately busy this last year but hopefully now I'll really be able to get some...