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  1. RenOperative

    Other Variety Gaming / Nerd Culture Search For Collaboration | 18+ | Consistency

    What’s up people of the internet!? My name is Renegade Operative and I am the co-host of a channel currently at 890 subscribers. Once again, we’re extensively searching for gaming candidates who are willing to start an organic relationship with a gaming group centered on nerd culture. One of the...
  2. RenOperative

    Other Looking for cool, like minded gamers for a podcast/group environme

    Looking for some possible new gaming friends, and podcast hosts. This might be a bit long yet it's in-depth to what we want but there’s a small disclaimer for previous applicants. If we lost contact or didn't speak about the inquiry in-depth then please contact me again asap! It’s also strongly...
  3. RenOperative

    Other Looking for level-headed gamers able to contribute to a gaming group/gaming channel (simplified proc

    Group name: The Infinite Ammo Syndicate (Google it if you want more context.) Content description on YT: Right here mah boi Mature content?: Yes, our YouTube content and gaming podcast in particular is not meant...
  4. RenOperative

    Other Looking for diverse gamers for a gaming group / podcast

    I don't have too many rules besides the following. We are drama free so we want you to be as well, please have a decent mic, be 17 or older, and know that self-promotion spam is not advised if we extend the invitation for you to join our gaming Discord. We are PS4/PC Gamers, you must have a...
  5. RenOperative

    PS4 Looking for more gaming to join a podcast / PS4 collaboration gaming group

    Sorry for the typo in the intro but you get the get the idea, looking for gamers for a podcast. Mission statement: I wanted to make my mission statement brief, easy and concise with the things that I want out of this section if some interest is peaked. My name is Ren Operative and I'm looking...
  6. RenOperative

    Other Is there any girl gamers who would like to join a gaming podcast sometime?

    Just curious if this site has anyone interested since we like to be dynamic with our group / opinions? I actually don't have many rules for this one other than no drama, and really someone very cool, laid back and has a concise history with gaming. If interested just email me at...
  7. RenOperative

    Other Is anyone down for a gaming podcast next month? (Short, sweet and detailed)

    I'll try to keep all my requirements very short, simple and sweet like a Q&A process. What is the podcast about? Gaming news, we'll probably be talking more in depth about that big Sony announcement on September 7th, Gamescom news and more. When does this podcast start? September 16th 2016...
  8. RenOperative

    TCP Podcast EP.13 - Endgame Credits (Season Finale) #TCP

    Just supplementing some gaming podcast content late night with some friends, and getting caught up on recent gaming news. Hopefully any watchers enjoy the experience.
  9. RenOperative

    Attack of the killer salad fingers... (System Shock Pre-Alpha Demo)

    This game almost damn near killed me. Well...almost.
  10. RenOperative

    What are some of the best gaming communities/forums to join?

    I made this thread because as much as I love Damnlag, TGS and my stay here I also feel a bit opportunistic and curious to know what other sites you've frequented with some decent to positive members among the gaming community? I've been eager to get into some more things, and spread out among...
  11. RenOperative

    Off-The-Cuff Discussion: God of War - Thoughts on a new beginning

    I made something newish today that I wanted to share. Just talking about changes from the new God of War against the God of War we loved in the mid-2000's.
  12. RenOperative

    Resident Evil VII: Biohazard Discussion

    Since Resident Evil is one of my favorite series I decided to do an upload completely off the cuff and unfiltered about my opinions on the drastic transition from Resident Evil 6, and what is needed for the series to persevere in the future. I hope guys enjoy and share your thoughts in the...
  13. RenOperative

    What are your pet peeves when others either distribute or market their content?

    Now I'd like to start off by saying I didn't make this thread for the purpose of flaming. I wanted to sit down and constructively discuss what should really be extinguished when it comes to seeing the "wrong" ways of how people distribute / gives back content to the user that might seem...
  14. RenOperative

    My playthrough of Outlast (Warning: Extreme Language)

    Old, but gold imo.
  15. RenOperative

    Any PS4 Gamers are welcome to join my gaming community.

    We play an assortment of things, just post and we'll try to set up a game with you with whatever you have in store. You can find my community in the posted video.
  16. RenOperative

    All of my reactions to E3 2016 (with friends) God, Sony really killed it this year in my opinion. I love to distribute fun and enjoyable content for you from time to time so I hope you find this enjoyable. If you have any questions, concerns, criticisms so my podcast...
  17. RenOperative

    The Co-Operative Podcast EP.12 - Tempting Fate #TCP

    Pre-E3 jitters.
  18. RenOperative

    Let's React - E3 2016 (EA's Press Conference)

    Here's our reaction to EA's presser! Enjoy everyone.
  19. RenOperative

    Posting up a funny video our Mortal Kombat Gold highlight reel

    I hope all you guys have plenty of fun, I enjoy making montages for everyone every now and then.