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  1. RozaldVane

    PC Collaborationary Needed.

    Game: Any (Check my Steam library by searching 'rozaldvane' on Steam. I also got Overwatch on I also got Uplay & Origin games that you could ask about if you have something on those to play with. Don't have Minecraft and also have no interest in it.) Platform: PC (I can do PS3 but...
  2. RozaldVane

    PC Wanting a wider reach

    Hey dude! I'm interested in working with you. PM me, we'll talk about the details and get the info from there.
  3. RozaldVane

    Hey y'all!

    Welcome, Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here on the forums.
  4. RozaldVane

    Don't mind me, I'm just following my dream!

    Welcome to the DamnLag community. If you have any concerns over Youtube matters or looking for people to work with, then there are many thread/people here who will help you out with those.
  5. RozaldVane

    Halloween Videos

    I wanted to play a horror game as usual on Halloween as a way to celebrate it but I'm so deep into working on other games that I couldn't add a video for Halloween, oh well.
  6. RozaldVane

    I think youtube shouldnt pay everyone

    Well, I've seen people that started their channels with their bank accounts connected to their channel and some are only doing it like a preparation for the future. But the ones who are only there because they want money are gonna lose interest anyways. At the same time, Youtube only leaves...
  7. RozaldVane

    Helpful guide to posting in Reddit

    Thank you for the post, ever since I saw the tad bit of this guide in another thread, I decided to go give reddit a try. To be honest, it is very difficult to manuever since you don't want to be spammy on there. My experience is only one week old which I hope to visit reddit often to see how I...
  8. RozaldVane

    New Channel and as Pro as Fish!

    Welcome back, man!
  9. RozaldVane

    Dude! You Like Video Games Too!?!

    Welcome to DamnLag! Hope you enjoy it here and meet lots of people who like games just as much as you. If you need any help, check out the threads that are already here because they are all helpful.
  10. RozaldVane

    Why YouTube creators Should Upload Videos to Facebook

    ahhh, Well I thought you meant through your own profile page but yeah Pages can easily track those views.
  11. RozaldVane

    Started a Channel and wanted to meet other gaming youtubers.

    Welcome, welcome to the DamnLag community and hope to see you around and hope you enjoy it here!
  12. RozaldVane

    The Hardest Part About YouTube?

    The hardest part is maintaining the channel or preventing it from hungry eating or glitchy copyrights that happen. Editing is second place which it would somewhat be difficult if I do it in one day that is.
  13. RozaldVane

    Why YouTube creators Should Upload Videos to Facebook

    Posting videos (an actual video, not just link) seems to be a mystery due to how we can barely track it but I think it is good to give your social media account a taste of what you do, it's like a preview for what you do.
  14. RozaldVane

    Will you tryout YouTube Red?

    I'd say no to that because I rather put that 10 bucks on games than a service that barely benefits me.
  15. RozaldVane

    Youtube Red

    I second to Lethal's word on ad blocking, I support my fellow Youtubers if they have ads, so be it. On that post, as well, doesn't specify the facts that some videos may be taken down for not acknowledging the new Youtube terms and agreement due to the additions of Youtube Red. So if anyone...
  16. RozaldVane

    Im new to damnlag and youtube!

    Hello and Welcome, Josh! Hope you enjoy your stay/visit here at the DamnLag forums, if you need any assistance do note that there are many of us who can help with advice on your startup. Make sure to check out some of the threads that already exist because they can help a lot.
  17. RozaldVane

    Excited about a video I just filmed! - Do you still get excited?

    I do get excited to upload a video when I start a new game that I've been looking out for.
  18. RozaldVane

    The Positive or Negative Approach?

    Just curious do you see yourself doing your videos with the approach of making things look positive like happy attitude, saying nice things about a game, or seeing things in the positive light? Or do you take things where you get close to insulting others or a game and you complain a lot about...
  19. RozaldVane

    Hello Damnlag! I'm AGuyCalledDaniel!

    Welcome to DamnLag! Hope you have a great time on the forums and hope for the best for you and your channel.
  20. RozaldVane

    Sub4Subs, do you hate or love it?

    Well, at least you learned your lesson.