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  1. SmokeySpace

    Free, Professional YouTube Thumbnails, Outro Cards, and Overlays

    I am making thumbnails, outro cards, and overlays completely free and very professional, tell me what you want, how you want it, and I will do it, I am also willing to get creative. I will get them to you withing a couple days during the week, hopefully within 24 hours over the weekend No...
  2. SmokeySpace

    PC Gaming Video Making/Streamers Group To Help Each Other Out

    Game: Any Platform: I play PC and Xbox One however any platform for this group Number of People: However many we can get Timezone: MST (America) Age: 16 Mission: Build a community of youtubers to share, help, and talk about youtube and streaming Subscribers: 530 (doesn't matter how many...
  3. SmokeySpace

    Is There Generally A Good Time to Stream?

    All depends on your viewers and the game and so on, you just have to experiment
  4. SmokeySpace

    Good to stream and not be vocal?

    The whole thing about streaming is interacting with your viewers though so I don’t know if it’s such a good idea to limit that
  5. SmokeySpace

    Recommend Capture Card for Streaming ?

    Agreed and I did that for a long time and it took time and the quality wasn’t the best but it worked, but the Elgato is your best bet
  6. SmokeySpace

    How many subs do you want to reach at the end of the year

    I’ve been on YouTube for 2 years now, uploading consistently what I think is pretty good content, and I spend a TON of time on it (I’m talking like 4 hours for one Funny Moments) and I’ve been just live-streaming lately and doing alright but I just need something to blow up at this point, going...
  7. SmokeySpace

    PC LOOKING TO START A GAMING GROUP!(Sub Count doesn't matter)

    I'm down my discord it SmokeySpace#6394 My Channel is SmokeySpace
  8. SmokeySpace

    Best Games for Small YouTubers to Stream

    What are some good games that can get a small YouTuber more viewers on YouTube, maybe games that don’t have many streams but lots of viewers? Thanks for any help!