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    Xbox One 884 subs looking for collab

    i would love to play with you!
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    Xbox One Xbox One Youtuber 6K subs looking to collab

    i have 2k madden and cod if you want to play and maybe record sometime!
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    Xbox One Anybody around 500 subscribers want to work together

    trying to play with some people on gta and make some videos with the new dlc
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    PC Let's Play Collab (Amount of your subs is not important)

    here is my channel if you wanna collab!
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    PC 9k Subs Collaborating/Re-branding Channel

    hey i would love to collab with you. i have almost 700 subs which isnt much. but one of my videos actually got 70,000 views :) but yeah just let me know if you wanna collab
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    PC getting back into youtube

    Game:gmod,csgo,rocket league,league of legends,and alot more Platform:pc Number of People:any Timezone:eastern Age:18 Mission:to make friends and have fun Subscribers:435 Link to Channel: if you want to contact me directly just add me on...
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    PC Looking for a group to record videos with

    i have a blue yeti and im 18 so i guess im qualified? well if you wanna collab just let me know or add me on skype:masterxpatty
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    Twitch livestreaming now!!!

    havent streamed in a while trying to grow back back up on twitch
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    merking people on bo2 straight merking these little lids in black ops
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    livestreaming now!!! streaming rainbow six seige come and watch the stream and chat with me!!!!
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    Xbox One need help

    Game:bo3 Platform:xbox one Number of People:any Timezone:us Age:18 Mission:to find someone help edit videos Subscribers:around 400 Link to Channel: hey guys my name is patrick or patty as my friends call me i know this is a collaboration thread but i was wondering if anybody has experience with...