Indie King

Greetings fellow gamers,

Thanks for having me here. By no means am I anti-social or introvert, I just mean that PC games are my refuge from the stress of daily life and they never fail to make me happy and content.

I have "friends" in real life but friendships these days friendships are give-n-take relationships. If you are poor and homeless, no one wants to be your friend.

I am looking forward to finding like minded people here and talk games.

I have lost faith in triple A title companies and games as they treat us gamers as mere cash cows and they pump out the same fps games over and over again. I mostly play indie games these days and like to bring to people's attention indie games that are underrated and deserve more accolades.

I do that on my channel by the name Indie King.
Hope you enjoy.
Sep 1, 1988 (Age: 33)
Indie King


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