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    PS4 Enjoy full GamePlay of BLANKA ULTIMATE

    Enjoy full GamePlay of BLANKA ULTIMATE by Fenechost GamePlay
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    PS4 New Challenge to BLANKA ULTIMATE

    BLANKA ULTIMATE have a new Challenge on Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Let's do it and up Level
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    Xbox One Power Green Up Level

    Enjoy the last Victory of BLANKA ULTIMATE on Street Fighter V with the Power Green by fenechost
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    Today the new WIN of BLANKA ULTIMATE with the Power Green on Street Fighter V Arcade Edition up LEVEL by Fenechost
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    PC Power of The Green

    Today the new episode versus BLANKA Ultimate Power Green on the channel Fenechost in YouTube more challenge to win :)
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    PC Welcome to Fenechost

    Hi everybody , I am happy to join your network enjoy to see my future gameplay with BLANKA ULTIMATE on street fighter V Arcade Edition :)