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    Twitch My first twitch birthday!

    A friend invited me to his house for a party. When I arrived, his house was on fire. Damn, LIT PARTY. And now I’m inviting you to another party! There probably won't be fires but it’s definitely going to be pure chaotic fun! LIVE NOW – Streaming 24 HOUR SUBATHON | 1 YEAR STREAMVERSARY
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    Twitch Not your typical hot tub stream

    What happens in the hot tub, STAYS IN the hot tub. ♨️ But what happens when you wake up naked in a hot tub in an abandoned HAUNTED hospital? We’ll find out tonight! LIVE NOW – Streaming TORMENTED SOULS
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    Twitch Leon or Claire? Resident Evil 2 Remake

    The police came to my front door tonight holding a picture of my wife. They said, "Is this your wife, sir? I'm afraid it looks like she's been hit by a bus." I said, "I know, but she has a lovely personality." What fun we will have tonight being trapped in the police station with zombies...
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    Twitch Higher or Lower

    Some douchebag hit me from behind on the street yesterday and ran off with my limbo stick. I mean really, HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? It’s community night tonight and we’re kicking it off with The Higher Lower Game! ⬇️⬆️ The real question is, how HIGH can you go? LIVE NOW – Streaming COMMUNITY NIGHT
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    Twitch First playthrough of Resident Evil 2 Remake

    How did the zombie impress her dinner date? She DRESSED TO KILL! Tonight, the votes are in and RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE takes the cake! Those zombies got nothing on us cause we're DEAD-icated! LIVE NOW – Streaming RESIDENT EVIL 2 / BIOHAZARD RE:2
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    Twitch First go at BACK 4 BLOOD

    Whatever you do in life, give it 100%... Unless you're giving blood. You can always come back 4 more blood. It’s been 12 years since Left 4 Dead 2...and now we’re back 4 more blood! LIVE NOW – Streaming BACK 4 BLOOD
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    Twitch Community Night and Horror Stories

    Her (On Tinder): I'm a model on Instagram! What do you do? Him: I'm a soldier...on Call of Duty. It’s Community Day tonight and we’re kicking off the night with some Tinder HORROR STORIES. Got some of your own? Pop in and share them with us! LIVE NOW – Streaming COMMUNITY DAY GAMES +...
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    Twitch Karaoke Night!

    I'm so good at karaoke... I was blaring out my song the other night, and everyone LEFT the pub to tell their friends how good I was. Tonight, we’re gonna be clicking away in OSU but with a TWIST! For every fail in game, we’ll be whipping out our mics to SING A SONG! LIVE NOW – Streaming...
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    Twitch For the first time ever on stream: Chernobylite released 3 days ago!

    I’m going to Chernobyl but the trip costs an arm and a leg! Thankfully by the time I get back I will have A FEW MORE to spare! Tonight, we’re back with more jump scares with this sci-fi survival horror RPG! Put on your gas masks boys, we're goin in! LIVE NOW – Streaming Chernobylite
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    Twitch OSU! First Timer

    I went to the doctors yesterday and told him “When I touch my back it hurts, when I touch my knee it hurts, when I touch anything it hurts! What’s wrong with me?!” Doctor: “You’ve broken your finger.” Tonight, we’re gonna see what these fingers can do as we take on this rhythm game! LIVE...
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    Twitch Trying to Rank Up to Grandmaster

    Why should you wear good shoes in a fight? So you'll never see DE FEET. Tonight, we’re taking Kazumi into the ring in Tekken. Will we throw some hands or see feet? Who knows. LIVE NOW – Streaming TEKKEN 7
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    What should you do to make a nervous alien feel better? Give him lots of SPACE. But why do these aliens keep coming after me? It’s like they don’t value their space at all! LIVE NOW – Streaming ALIEN: ISOLATION
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    Twitch Is this the end?

    A young girl asked her mother "Mom, when you had me did you want a boy or a girl? The mother responded "All I wanted was a backrub that night". Tonight, we all know what Mother Miranda wants from me.... For me to drop dead so let's give her a piece of this! LIVE NOW – Streaming RESIDENT...
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    Twitch TEKKEN 7 First Timer

    I once had a fight with Superman. We decided the loser has to wear his underwear over his clothes for the rest of his life... Guess who won? Tonight, we officially enter the TEKKEN fight club and fight to the death! Here's to not getting yeeted! LIVE NOW – Streaming TEKKEN 7
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    Twitch Countdown to FIRST EVER SUBATHON!

    Someone was making fun of me the other day. So I threw them in the oven with a grenade. BOOM! Roasted. Tonight, we’re getting our hands on the Grenade Launcher so we can make things go boom! Can you handle the boom? LIVE NOW – Streaming RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE We're also celebrating a...