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    Which is better?

    Honestly the second one looks more unique.
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    I'm too nervous to think of a title. Hi, I'm Melanie!

    Hi Mel i'm loving your channel so far! :D Specially the latest upload! :3 Only feedback is too add channel sections to your home page of your channel! :) So it looks even better! :D
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    WhatABash A Family Owned Gaming Channel :D

    Loved your channel guys, good to see some amazing effort put in! Really does show! :)
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    New gaming channel! Greetings!

    Hey bro! :D First of all welcome man! Second of all please post your link here bro, so many people want to see it! :3 You seem awesome btw, hopefully i'll be seeing more of you, but i'll be giving you some feedback/advice when you post your link! :D
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    Introducing Slacking gamer!

    Really enjoy your channel man it has everything! :D loved your super smash bro's gameplay haha!
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    Little Red Here! Hello Everyone!

    I'm really enjoying your stuff Megan! :D and welcome!
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    TheRedRyuda here, Hello!

    Welcome :D Please post your link here, i'm keen to support you and give you some feedback :D
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    Thanks so much man haha :D You should make a youtube channel too :) I'd support you! If you...

    Thanks so much man haha :D You should make a youtube channel too :) I'd support you! If you do have time sometime, i onlyask to watch my latest video and tell me what you think :)
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    Hey All GeneralJReviews Here

    Love this bro! :D Loving how indepth you go, also awesome commentary on the assassins creed syndicate rant! :D Subbing for sure, keen to support a fellow youtuber and Aussie ;)
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    Holler at your new BOIIIII

    Ohhhhhhh yeahhhh Guy is on damnlag! :D hurry up and get 25 posts so i can talk to you in shoutbox! :P
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    YouTube Vlogger & Comedian | Check Out My Channel!

    Hhahaha this was pretty damn awesome, i enjoyed, keen to check out your otehr stuff!
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    Hello from Australia

    Hey bro i'll send you how to do your signature :P And link your youtube channel here bro, cause i'm keen to check it out i'm also from australia :)
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    How To: ?

    Keen for your content guys :D
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    New member

    I really enjoyed it guys, really, really well done and Ireally want to play this game now :P
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    Hey Hey Everyone

    Sounds great Nanami! :D Just message me whenever you twitch and also if you have a youtube link, link it here as well! :D Welcome btw, everyone here is lovely! :D