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    Little Big Metal Gear Planet!

    Took some time editing this one so I thought I'd drop it here :)
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    Views From Subscribers !

    I have 40% subscribers 60% non subscribers. BUT a 4:07 average view time from subscribers and only 2:22 from non subs! Like someone said before it all depends where you get your subs from I guess. 1% can't be right though!
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    NVIDIA ShadowPlay

    I use shadowplay and it's great. I can't speak for everyone but I haven't had any issues. I record my own mic on audacity though as I believe the quality is better and it gives me more options for editing. Like @Dawnwhisper said I love that it doesn't drop fps at all.
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    Help me decide in choosing the best USB Microphone For Gaming Commentary

    Not wanting to sound like I'm advertising myself but I have just got the rode-nt usb. If you wanted to check out my latest video that will give you an idea of what it is like. I used a blue snowball before this and had no complaints but wanted a better mic.
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    Google Removes forced Google+ Integration for YouTube

    Yep it looks pretty cool. Tell me more about this game development company!
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    The Gamernautz!

    Welcome to the forums gamernautz! Left you a comment on your video :)
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    Something i need an explanation about

    I don't agree with that. A GTA funny moments video with great content, a decent thumbnail and great SEO will get some views, wouldn't say lots if you're a small starter youtuber. Searching GTA 5 funny moments has 1.3 million results. It's probably one of the most uploaded things.
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    Let's have a proper thread about Twitter

    I would advise against using crowdfire and following a bunch of people. It results in dead subs.
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    Something i need an explanation about

    Speaking from personal experience because I tried it (to a much lesser scale) and it didn't work. He has followed thousands of people on twitter and possibly used an auto DM to tell them about his channel. A lot of these people actually look at your newest video (at the time) and sub. It gets...
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    Notifying Subscribers Of New Video?

    I always wondered how you do this. It seems like it would be handy.
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    Hi All! Kilted Gaming here!

    Welcome to the forums kilted gamer! I left you a comment/like on your latest video :)
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    Our Glorious Misadventures

    hey sexy raccoon (great name by the way lol) welcome to the forums! I checked out your channel, left a comment and a like :)
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    Hey Everyone!

    Hey welcome to the forums, I checked your channel out and left a comment/like :)
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    Hey Guys

    Hey Theroxx, I checked your channel out and left you a comment/like. Welcome to the forums! :)
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    Hi people! I'm MeriTz :D

    You have a great attitude for starting out on youtube! It's all about growing together :D I'm just going to check your channel out now!