YouTube Channel of the Month #53 (January 2019) - Voting/Entries

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Jack Muskrat

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Welcome to Channel of the Month! A friendly competition where we vote for the top channel of the month. Here is your chance to vote for your favourites and also enter for next month.

Voting will end on: January 31st 2019

Last Month's Winner - Ready Player Parker!
Be sure to check out their channel!

Vote for channel that you think deserve to win this months CoTM.

Submitted Channels to Vote For
  1. Kevin Foreman
  2. TruVetCommando
  3. DethByChick
  4. connorman9

Vote for 1 of the above Channels.
Comment your channel name and link to your YouTube Channel.
Your post will enter your channel into next months competition to be voted on.
You are allowed to invite your subscribers to vote.
To enter for next month's competition you must both vote for channels and supply your channel link in this month's thread.

Please post in the following format:

Entry: [Your Channel Name & Link to Channel]
Name of Channel you want to vote for
You do not need to enter your own channel if you do not wish. Any posts with no channel links or state "non-entry" will not be put forward for next month.

NOTE: In the event of a draw, the members with the most votes will be entered into an online "random choice picker" so that a non-bias winner can be chosen. Whomever doesn't get picked from this will then be listed as a runner-up, automatically entered in to the next CotM voting, and given a +1 bonus vote for the following month.

Good luck to everyone. Be sure to follow the rules!
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Jack Muskrat

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Howdy all! Congrats to Ready Player Parker!

As we sadly have such a short list of choices for this month, and normally we'd be asking for people to vote for 5 channels, we'll set the voting this time to just ONE. All other rules still apply, but yeah - check out the channels in the list and give us your vote for your single favourite.

Fost Da Gama

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Entry : Fost Da Gama (youtube . com/channel/UCJNZDzxT3hO5qwzVBgPvuxw)

Vote : DethByChick
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