Your Thoughts On Joining A Network? What Are Your Positives & Negatives

Vice Versas

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I'd like to know your thoughts on networks? I've just started a channel with a friend and we've sort of talked about networks but there's a lot of conflicting opinions/facts about them. I understand that they'll help the channel grow but I want to know what people have actually gained (or not) from them.

What have been your experiences of joining a network?


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Question for you to ask is how will the network help you grow? How exactly they plan on helping you grow. Do they have other small channels to show campaigns for that they've helped grow?

I personally don't believe joining a network today is necessary. You can monetize your channel without a network and keep the % of money that a network takes from you for yourself to use in promoting your own channel once you get some money coming in.

From what I've seen, networks don't really help out small channels. But i could be wrong with some networks. I've been out of the YouTube network game for a year now and things have shifted with networks quite a bit. Many, including the main MCN that we had when Damnlag was a network dropped small channels to focus on the bigger channels.

Main thing to decide when joining a network is how they plan on helping you grow. Anyone can say they're going to help your channel grow just to get that referral for the % of income they get from getting you to join their network. You want solid proof that they will help your channel. Don't take their word for it.


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