Your opinion on my Youtube banner! :D

Change my Youtube Banner?

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Hi! I've had this youtube banner for a while now and i might not be too happy with it anymore. At first i was like "Whoa! Thats a great but retarded Youtube banner :O, i rrrike iiiit). But now i feel like it maybe scares people away from my channel xD. So what you think? Should i keep it? Or make a new spicy one?

I Still like the letters tho, self drawn ;P.



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The colors expload my brain but other then that I like it. Prop's for it being self drawn because that s*** is awesome!
ayy thanks man! Yeah now that i think about it, the only thing i might be missing is what the channel is about, for example if i put like "gaming, drawing, and random stuff!" somewhere in there, then i'll be happy. Other than that i think i still like it tbh x)


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