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So with Christmas right around the corner Calton took the shops in order to get all his presents sorted. Sadly at this time of year the shops are filled with chaos, crowds and strange demonic children



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So a year ago today me and finally got round to launching our little Youtube channel

In that year we have learn so many new skills, met so many great people and have pushed ourselves as much as we can to make something of this. We are not the best or the biggest channel but i am really proud of everything we have achieved this last year and im looking forward to expanding our horizons in the new year

So to everyone on here who has subscribed to us or even just watched on of our videos, I thank you for helping us have an amazing year. The Damnlag community has been a constant source of support to us and we know we wouldn't of had such a successful first year with out you guys and we are truly grateful for all your love.

For those interested, here's a little update about what were going to be doing heading into our second year on youtube

We also went back and played the first game we ever recorded, Unturned, to see what had changed in the last year



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