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Rahi Official

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I always wish if I have time machine I will go back to 1981 and join Metallica. hahaha that's something always come in my mind. What will you do if today you have a time machine and you have the opportunity to go back in time and do something like this. Which year you will go back?


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This is a hard one! With more time I could hopefully come up with something better but I would go back to the year I finished high school and tell myself to do something productive instead of slacking for more or less two years.

I mean you can go completely crazy with this and go back to 2009-2010 and upload videos of yourself screaming at a horror game ;)

Jack Muskrat

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There are so many things that would be great to do - better educate yourself as Axxtro suggests, or take advantage of something like YouTube or any other thing you know will blow up as GucciCarry says.

One thought I've had repeatedly, similar to Rahi, would be to go back to the mid-60s and experience all the awesome music and bands from there on. While you can still find good band/artists now, the biggest problem is there's so much out there it can be difficult to sift through.


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Ooo if I could go back in time it would be to when Robin Williams was alive so I could hang out with him for whole day. He was an amazing comedian. :h: RIP :h:


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Hmm actually I was talking about this the other day, I would go back to my education days and tell my younger self what we want to do in the future so she can get to work on that, rather then flitting about not knowing anything...and I probably would have gone to university to get a useful degree...


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ha if I have a time machine I would change the world.
If I could go back in time then I just know for 100% now that I'd have over 1M followers!


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