Yo looking for some guys to collab with and i play PC and thinking on rebooting my channel!

Discussion in 'Collaborate With Others' started by Jack.NewportYT, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Jack.NewportYT

    Jack.NewportYT New Member

    Im 14 and really looking foreword to collabing
  2. IR.Badger FPV

    IR.Badger FPV Active Member Staff Member Damn Mod

    Thing is with colabs, alot of people will stand back from just jumping into a colab, get to know a few poeple see if they're style matches yours, make friends with them. some of the people i colab with i get to know for ages before we agreed to record with each other.

    For example you might be 2 very different styles, you might be a goof about and have a laugh and they might be more informational based... see my point?

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