Where are you from?

Lion in Game

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Hey im from Tokyo Japan. I'm a pretty average gamer [ Especially PUBG and COD ]. I just started out my new gaming channel. Every Day Free Time playing the game [ train bus home ect] i would really appreciate it.


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I live in the UK, but originally from Latvia(you probably don't know where that is :) ).
I love playing games and I like making people happy, so I decided to start a channel a while ago.
I haven't uploaded for almost a year now, but I missed making videos too much to just give it up.


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Im from London, decided to try create some content as we are currently in a national lockdown and entertain myself. I took the time to learn more creative skills and stuff. I just feel there is an audience for the content a make but it may be difficult to find them.


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I'm 24 F i live in Wales I've just started a Twitch account with streams of me learning creative things like how to play guitar, sew and arty bits. I'm a bit goofy and I am looking for new viewers on twitch please follow - Molesome :)


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