Where are you from?


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Hey everyone, I'm from Pakistan, just recently made a channel on YouTube and looking forward to promote it as much as possible. Luckily found out the "damnlag" discord somehow, a platform to promote myself. :)


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Hi Everyone

I am from the United Kingdom. I have covered a range of game in the past. I then streamlined it down to FPS games where I covered shooter games like Battlefield , TitanFall and Call Of Duty. I have recently moved to dedicating my channel to "Ghost Recon" this is such a massive open world to explore I am setting up both Twitch and Mixer but mostly I create high bitrate 4K videos on youtube.

I will be attending Insomnia65 in Birmingham at the NEC August 25th 2019 if anyone wants to say hi drop me a message.


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Hey, I'm a Scottish lass and in my spare time I create entertaining gaming videos for fun as a hobby and walk my sisters dog. My channel is over 2 years old and I decided to start creating gaming videos because I wanted to learn a new skill and have something fun to do as a hobby. I had already been playing games since I was really young, so why not share my moments with everyone else?


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Hey everybody! Like girnzim123, I'm also from the southern USA, and thankfully not close to Duran. I am in my late 20's. I enjoy all types of games, but I decided to make a youtube channel for minecraft related stuff. I'm an old school gamer who occasionally likes the new stuff when it comes to video games, but personally I find more enjoyment from old school games. I've had multiple youtube channels in the past that I've uploaded on, but I decided to make a new one and dedicate more quality time to it for not only my enjoyment, but hopefully everybody else's as well. In general, I just enjoy making people laugh, putting a smile on their face, or, if all else fails, help with not being bored. XD

When I'm not on youtube, I'm working at a grocery store as I await my upcoming job as a Machine Operator. With that job, I may not be able to mess with youtube as much, but at least I'd be able to afford better equipment in the future for recording and making videos, perhaps live stream as well. But first and foremost, I take care of my family before anything else.

Anyways, I appreciate everyone who took the time to read this, and hope we can chat in the near future as well as grow our channels. Yall take care now!


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